We are experienced entrepreneurs, innovators and designers -
and we love sharing our passion and expertise with the next gen.

We’ve got one of the coolest innovation spaces in town!

Welcome to the BUild Lab, IDG Capital Student Innovation Center! We are Boston University’s home for student entrepreneurs and innovators. Located in the heart of the Charles River Campus, we aim to inspire, educate and connect students from across the campus - artists, policy makers, engineers, business students, designers, and more - to transform their ideas to impact.

The BUild Lab is busy year-round and will be a hive of activity this July - August. High school students will have plenty of opportunities to learn from and work alongside BU student entrepreneurs participating in our annual Summer Accelerator program. This 10-week program helps BU team develop their early-stage creative, social, tech, or consumer startup ideas.

Our programs leverage best practices in entrepreneurship, innovation and design education. We focus on empowering students with:

An Entrepreneurial Mindset: Innovators and entrepreneurs are creative problem solvers. They view challenges as opportunities and provide valuable solutions that meet customers' needs. It takes a combination of passion, creativity, critical thinking, empathy, perseverance, and a redefinition of failure the to change the world.

Innovation Skills: Our programs provide hands-on opportunities for students to develop vital 21st century skills in fun, engaging, and safe learning environments including:

  • Improve your communication skills through team activities, workshops and the final pitch festival presentation.

  • Foster your ability to think critically and adapt your ideas as you constantly experiment and test.

  • Increase your confidence and sense of empowerment as a change maker.

  • Develop teamwork and leadership skills through as you collaborate with peers and fellow budding entrepreneurs

Tools: How do innovators and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life? Learn key concepts and strategies around identifying new opportunities, the design thinking process, the lean startup, and the business model canvas to transform your ideas into real solutions.

Network: It's all about who you know. Meet some of the most innovative and creative student entrepreneurs at Boston University and envision what your college experience might be like. Get behind-the-scenes insight and advice from Boston's best and brightest innovators and entrepreneurs. Learn how to navigate the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and develop a deep appreciation for our nation's most entrepreneurial city!

We guarantee you’ll have an epic and unforgettable summer experience with us!