Epiic Solutions taught me how to think creatively and to have confidence in myself. I highly recommend this program to anyone that wants to make a difference because it will challenge you to find your passions and jump into action!
— Emily D.

Epiic Solutions taught me how to fail. I learned that failure is not something to get discouraged about. Failure should be embraced because it leads to success.
— Luke L.

One of my favorite things about Epiic Solutions was that it connected me with people who were just like me. We were given guidance and support throughout the entire experience and that helped us to form long lasting relationships in a short period of time.

If you’re even the slightest bit interested in entrepreneurship, Epiic Solutions is right for you! Epiic Solutions was the catalyst I needed to realize I wanted to study entrepreneurship in college and beyond. It was the perfect place to discover all there is to know about entrepreneurship without the stress or expense of doing it in the real world.

Epiic Solutions will extract new ideas out of you that you didn’t know were there, and then give you the tools to take them a step further after the program.
— Anastasia M.

Through Epiic Solutions, I got the chance to speak with young female entrepreneurs. These innovators spoke candidly about the (sometimes subtle) gender discrimination in business and technology, and offered encouragement not to let that deter me from entering into an area I am passionate about. Those conversations, which I was able to have because of Epiic Solutions, still resonate in my mind today.
— Lucy E.

I didn’t just learn about entrepreneurship, but I learned how to learn. Epiic Solutions showed me how to learn from failure and how to turn failure into success! Not only did the program teach me about failing in the business world, but I’ve learned to learn from failure in my daily life.
— Robbie F.

Blake is a passionate educator who is wholeheartedly committed to enriching the lives of her students. Her powerful programs spark high schoolers’ curiosity, help them discover new interests, and encourage them to take intellectual risks and challenges that will better themselves and the world around them. epiic solutions programs help teens realize their own potential for affecting positive change and empower them to get started. If you want to change the way that your child sees the world and their role in it, sign them up for epiic solutions.
— Courtney Jackson, St. Paul's School ASP Master Teacher