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2017 Summer Program Scholarship Application Form:

Our Scholarship Application Process:

Teen's Name *
Teen's Name
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Scholarship Options
All Full Scholarships have been awarded
What are your unique strengths and passions that would be an asset to our Epiic Solutions community? (200 words or less)
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Recommender Name
Recommender Name
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Parent/Guardian Name
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Step 1: Teen completes a Summer Program Scholarship Application Form - DUE by May 19th
- Tell us a little bit about yourself and indicate which awesome summer program(s) you're interested in
- Share Epiic Solutions with your friends and school community

Step 2: Letter of Recommendation from trusted adult - DUE by May 19th
- A scholarship application requires a letter of recommendation from trusted adult (teacher, coach or mentor)
- Letter should speak to students' unique strengths as a student, ability to work as a team member and interests in entrepreneurship, innovation, or particular week’s theme you are applying for.
- Recommender letter must be received by May 19th and should be sent directly to

Step 3: Scholarship Notifications
- Students will be notified of their scholarship awards by Friday, May 26th
- You can also stay in touch and get updates via Facebook or Twitter

Scholarship Options:

We do our best to ensure all students are able to participate in our summer programs. We provide a number of FULL and PARTIAL scholarships for each program.  

Full Scholarship: all of our full scholarships have been awarded
Partial Scholarship: attend one-week program for $300

NOTE: Scholarships cover program fees and DO NOT include transportation or meals for the week.