Epiic Experiences are one-week programs designed for teens to explore topics they care about and collaborate in small teams to develop their own innovative startup ideas. 

Summer 2016 Epiic Experiences:

Fempreneur:  This one-week program focused on women in entrepreneurship! Teens engaged with some of the coolest new startups being created by strong, talented females. Teens collaborated in small teams to develop their own female-led startup. Open to female students only.
Program Dates:  July 11 - July 15 2016 from 9:00am - 4:30pm
Host Location: Impact Hub Boston, 50 Milk Street, Boston
Filed Trips & Guest Speakers: Diane Hessan from Startup Institute; She Geeks Out Founders; Women Entrepreneurs of Boston (WE BOS); SheStarts; LabCentral; IDEO and more!

Food Fighter: This one-week program was all about food! Young entrepreneurs explored issues related to food sustainability, food deserts, developing healthy eating habits and more! Teens met with entrepreneurs and startups across Boston working to make healthy food options available to all and worked in a team to develop their own food fighting startup.
Program Dates: August 1 - 5 2016
from 9:00am - 4:30pm
Host Location: Impact Hub Boston, 50 Milk Street, Boston
Field Trips & Guest Speakers: Craic and Blonde Founder; Branchfood; MIT coLAB; Commonwealth Kitchen; Daily Table and more!

Technovation: This one-week program was perfect for teens obsessed with technology! Young innovators participated in our incubator program to explore a variety of problems that can be solved using innovative, tech-based solutions and explored how technology impacts startup decisions. Teens got advice from the hottest techie entrepreneurs as they transformed their idea into a reality! 
Program Dates: August 15 - August 19 2016 from 9:00am - 4:30pm
Host Location: Hatch Fenway, Landmark Center, 401 Park Drive, Boston
Field Trips & Guest Speakers: Microsoft; Google; Code Undercover; BOLT startups; MassChallenge startups and more!

All Epiic Experiences include:

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Innovators and entrepreneurs are creative problem solvers. They view challenges as opportunities and provide valuable solutions that meet customers' needs. It takes a combination of creativity, critical thinking, empathy, perseverance, and the growth mindset to change the world.

Tools: How do innovators and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life? Learn key concepts and strategies around customer development, the design thinking process, the lean startup, and the business model canvas to transform your ideas into real solutions.

Network: It's all about who you know. Engage with Boston's best and brightest innovators and entrepreneurs, explore innovation and entrepreneurship on local campuses, and see some of the most inspiring spaces. Learn how to navigate Boston's entrepreneurial ecosystem and develop a deep appreciation for our nation's most entrepreneurial city!

Our programs provide hands-on opportunities for youth to develop vital 21st century skills in fun, engaging, and safe learning environments. Each week teens:

  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset which includes passion, persistence, a redefinition of failure, and creative and critical problem solving skills to challenge the status quo
  • Explore the design thinking process and customer development to build empathy skills, identify opportunities for new solutions, prototype and test ideas
  • Improve communications skills through team activities and a final Pitch Competition
  • Increase confidence and sense of empowerment as a change maker
  • Develop teamwork and leadership skills through team challenges with other budding entrepreneurs
  • Expand college and career pathways through networks with local colleges, universities, and entrepreneurs
  • Travel across Boston to engage with innovative people, spaces and ideas
  • Have an epic and unforgettable experience